RTU and PLC Solutions

The Brodersen RTU32S Series is a small and compact RTU, PLC and Industrial Controller based on a 32-bit 200 MHz ARM CPU with a Realtime Operating System.

Unique flexibility in configuration and programming sets standard in combined RTU, PLC and Utility Gateway functionality. Unsurpassed user-friendly tools and well-known environments keep your application development quick and simplified.

The RTU32S is fully compatible to the other RTUs in the Brodersen RTU32 family – The high-performance RTU32 and RTU32R products. This gives you ultimate scalability in applications. You can use your straton application program from the RTU32s in any other RTU32 or RTU32R products – without any changes. And one application development tool for the complete RTU32 family reduces your project investment.

INTELEC's Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) solution is based on Brodersen industrial controller RTU32 family of products.

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RTU and PLC Solution – Promoted products and features

RTU from Brodersen


RTU32 Series is a compact RTU & PLC based on a 32-bit 500 MHz CPU with a Realtime Operating System. RTU32 supports multiple utility protocols: 61850, DNP3, 60870, DNP3 WITS, Modbus, profibus, Profinet, DF1, DLMS… and more. Conversion between protocols is now easy!

With configuration and programming facilities that provide unique flexibility, the RTU32 Series sets new standards for combined RTU, PLC and general communication performance. All these facilities and possibilities are provided through user-friendly tools and well-known environments – keeping your application development deployed fast and simplified.

RTU32 Series is the ideal solution for your utility or infrastructure application. With its versatility RTU32 can take almost any role like local regulation and fast control, advanced communication gateway functions and data concentrator functions.

The RTU32 series can be programmed in all IEC-61131-3 languages viz; LD, FBD, ST, IL, SFC and function Blocks can be created in C, C++.RTU32 can be connected directly to a compatible 3G modem via USB, all setup is done at the webpage. Function Blocks are ready made for seamless integration with the modem. Use the built in VPN client where all configuration are done at a webpage. With the support for up to 8 x 3kV isolated RS232/RS485/RS422 com ports and possibility of connecting up to 1000 local I/Os and +30,000 distributed I/Os, it is among the most versatile RTUs in the market.

WebServer configuration

Advanced PLC function support with full IEC61131 language compliance

Ethernet and serial communication ports for flexible connectivity to SCADA, field devices and remote systems

Multiple communication driver support

Support for wide range of communication medias - radios, PSTN, GSM, GPRS, 3G etc.

Flexible I/O support provided via integrated and expansion I/Os

Several integrated power supply options

Supported Drivers & Protocols:

Allen-Bradley DF1


COMLI Master


DNP3 Client & Server

DNP3 Master & Slave

DNP3 WITS Server


IEC60870-5-101 Master & Slave

IEC60870-5-103 Master

IEC60870-5-104 Server & Client - KEMA certified


IEC61850 Client - KEMA certified

IEC61850 Server (incl. GOOSE) - KEMA certified

Modbus Client/Server & Master/Slave

MQTT Client

ProfiBus DP Master

ProfiBus DP Slave

ProfiNET Client

SNMP Agent

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