Process Automation

Our Control and Instrumentation (C&I) group has vast expertise in providing a robust, safe, secure and stable control and instrumentation systems for process industries using the state-of-the-art technologies. Our engineers have rich experience in coal fired thermal power plants and refineries in particular. We know the involved processes to the core. We provide comprehensive solutions for a full project life cycle from conceptualization to commissioning, operation, maintenance and renovation. Following are our key offerings:

Planning and Procurement Services :

» Assist clients in project requirements identification and specifications development.
» Showcase various technologies and solution options.
» Prepare cost benefit analysis to aid in decision making process.
» Pilot system implementation support to evaluate technologies.
» Advice and provide guidance to owner/implementing agency executives in evolving their control and instrumentation systems.
» Design solutions based on emerging standards, proof of concept systems.
» Assist in tendering process, vendor bid evaluations, vendor selection and contracting


Engineering and Project Management Services

» Basic/conceptual design and Engineering of digital control systems (DCS) and/Programmable Logic controllers (PLC), Uninterrupted power supply system (UPS), CCTV systems, control room layouts etc.
» Design a suitable control/data network to integrate Digital Processing Units (DPU), Man machine Interfaces (MMI), Historians, Turbine control systems, PLCs, SCADA, CCTV system, plant performance calculation systems, secured PCs or LAP tops on LAN, etc.
» Review the detailed engineering documents submitted by the DCS/PLC provider.
» Plan and assist in all types of inspections and tests during various stages of procurement, commissioning and acceptance like Pre dispatch inspection (PDI), Functional acceptance test (FAT), Performance Guarantee test (PGT), etc.
» Assist in installation, system configurations and commissioning.
» Conduct system security audits, validate and ensure cyber compliance.
» Suggest application/data storage solutions and provide implementation assistance.
» Design and engineer Management Information System(MIS) and provide implementation assistance
» Provide end to end solutions for renovation and modernization of outdated Control &Instrumentation (C&I) systems and assist in implementation thereby improving the plant reliability, efficiency and safety.