Data Historian


Built on Open Standards = Can talk to every device, connect to legacy systems
High Performance = RAPID™ database engine can connect to data for millions of devices, locations, sensors and control systems in a single application environment.
Zero data loss Compression = Every data value inserted can be retrieved.
Cloud Support: Allows Customers to maintain physical custody of their data.

Study the system, Network, organisation structure, etc, and suggest the data storage requirements
Prepare a system architecture for fetching the data required for historisation/management
Design and size a suitable historian and storage system

Provide training to the end users for data retrieval, analysis and management

Provide maintenance support

Help in upgrading the obsolete legacy systems

RAPID Historian - Promoted Products and Features

Rapid data management system from Automsoft:

In partnership with Automsoft, INTELEC brings the the world's fastest and highest performing data historian solution leading the way in pushing the boundaries of 'Big Data' and in the time series world. INTELEC's data historian solution based on Automsoft RAPID™ database technology which stores, enriches and analyzes time series data, analog and binary process data generated by data sources ranging from control systems to metering systems and sensor networks. Volumes range from small (< 10 MB) to massive ( > 10,000 GB), enriching data for millions of data sources, processing millions of events per second, installed in thousands of sites around the world. Experts at INTELEC will work with you to define use cases and understand how we can partner to deliver exceptional business value to you.

Automsoft’s RAPID™ technology is a robust suite of powerful data historian, information management and analysis applications designed to collect, analyze and serve large volumes of process data. RAPID™ delivers market leading data processing capabilities through its high speed distributed database.

Powerful distributed Time Series Database
Real-time plant monitoring & asset management
Enterprise data configuration & management
Centralized reporting & configuration tools
Complex Calculation Engine, root-cause analysis & predictive modeling
Secure data, user authentication & electronic signatures
Alarm & condition management
ACID compliant object oriented database

Key RAPID™ Components

Data Capture: RAPID™ collects data from any control system or device. Supported data formats include time series, batch (ISA 88), alarm & condition and binary.

Data Capture: RAPID™ collects data from any control system or device. Supported data formats include time series, batch (ISA 88), alarm & condition and binary.

Reporting Tool: RAPID™ reporting capability collects and manages data retrieved from external control systems and batch execution systems. Users can explore time series, alarm & condition and batch data, batch lists, select batch data sources, define report properties and run and save reports.

Audit Reporting Tool: RAPID™ provides a tamper-evident record of all interactions with a database. Using the audit database the audit server can track interactions with multiple local or remote RAPID™ databases and generate comprehensive audit trail reports. Audit reports can be generated according to criteria such as specific user, type of activity or time period.

Excel Add-in: RAPID-XL (Excel Add-in) transforms Microsoft Excel into a powerful RAPID query and modeling tool.

Digital Signatures: Reports generated with RAPID™ reporting tools can be digitally signed. Signed reports may be versioned and stored in the RAPID™ database.


RAPID™ Redundancy Components

Server High Availability: RAPID™ High Availability component allows manufacturers to bolster server uptime to 99.999% availability. This module pairs a primary server with multiple standby servers.

Database Replication: The RAPID™ Data Replication component provides database mirroring on one or more remote servers.

Caching & Redundancy: The RAPID™ Caching component ensures continuous data capture in the event of network failure.

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